• Power-up Key #1: Discovering Your Uniqueness

    • Gain strength from your signature past experiences
    • Know how you add value

  • Power-up Key #2: Communicating with Specific Stories

    • State what changed and the positive results
    • Include plenty of actions which paint a picture.

  • Power-up Key #3: Reaching Out

    • Network and brainstorm with neighbors and colleagues
    •Listen, expand your perceptions, and initiate

  • Power-up Key #4: Leveraging Assets and Overcoming Obstacles

    • Emphasize your advantages and minimize your disadvantages
    • Schedule de-stressing activities.

  • Power-up Key #5: Balancing Your Career Action Plan

    • Match tedious activities with those that boost
    • Use projects to recreate yourself

  • Power-up Key #6: Practicing and Role Playing

    • Increase your ability to pick up and respond
    • Practice job interviews and networking discussions

6 Keys for Powering-up Your Career

Land your best next job along your career path, and bring more life affirming interest and meaning into what you do.

The Keys will enable you to feel your best self and be confident about your future. You have the resources you need. We can help you to bring them out, interact, and win.

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