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Your Occupational Options and Information

Interest Inventory - Self Directed Search. ($4.95)

Sources of Self Understanding

Personality Test - Myers Briggs:
Keirsey Temperament Sorter
(free test at upper right)

Resumes and Letters

See samples Letters of Interest. (Examples only. Actual letters need to be tailored to the job opening.)
Survive the applicant tracking system:
Compare your resume to a job description using key words:
Multimedia resume
Video resume

Career and Job Finding Resources

Videos on how to use LinkedIn by LinkedIn
Networking support groups and contact resources:

Sources of Jobs

Job Board information:
Be alerted to jobs which fit:

Build Your Brand

Learn how to build your brand:
Get feedback about your skills:

Research What is Happening

Group interaction online:
Follow thought leaders and lead yourself:
Get current specifics about occupational and industrial niche options. Enter a phrase such as 'marketing analytics.'
Get inspired about the world which is being created from the perspective of technology, education, and design. Have a conversation.

Gain Experience and Reputation

Become an organizational consultant in pro-bono community projects:
Be part of a staffing community:
Learn about the free agent option:
Learn how to be a consultant:

Employer Contact Information

Get contact information for employers nation wide:
Company information:
Example of extensive company contact information for Washington State:

Communities of Career and Job Seekers

Latest happenings in hundreds of occupational niches: (Also a job board.)
Participate in a Linked-In Group:

Salary Negotiation Information and Webinars

Salary data by occupation and location:
Salary negotiation webinars:

Handling the Transition

Take a stress and wellbeing inventory located at the middle left of this page:
Ideas for managing emotions:
The emotions of a transition:
Learn how to fake it until you make it:
Move from negative to positive thinking: